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Lewis the Koala is put to sleep after the wildfires

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There's more sad news from Australia.

Lewis the koala, who was rescued by a very brave lady and taken to Port Macquerie Koala Hopsital, was sadly put to sleep. 

When there was hope for Lewis....
Sadly he had to be put to sleep 
From The National

He'd been put under general anaesthetic to assess his burns and change his bandages and unfortunately, the burns were getting worse - as can happen - so the decision was made to put Ellenborough Lewis to sleep.

Rest in peace, Lewis, and all the other koalas who have perished in the wildfires.

Thinking of everyone at the koala hospital who worked so hard to help Lewis and are working to help koalas who have suffered in the bushfires.  And of the lady who rescued Lewis.

Please make a donation if you can to the hospital - why not do it in memory of Lewis?

You can donate to their GoFundMe page here or directly to the hospital here 


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