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Tusk announce new partnership with Land Rover to help African wildlife

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There's good news from the charity Tusk.   They've just formed a new partnership with Land Rover.  Tusk say that this new partnership will have a significant impact on their work in Africa.

Going Above and Beyond for the wildlife and people in Africa - Tusk and Land RoverSharing an ethos.....
going Above and Beyond for the wildlife and people in Africa
- Tusk and Land Rover**

In the email I received from Tusk, Land Rover’s Global Marketing Director Mark Cameron was delighted to announce Land Rover's formal partnership with the Tusk Trust, as both have a similar ethos:  going Above and Beyond.

Tusk are trying to build a sustainable future for the African continent and its wildlife.  Since it was founded in 1990, it has invested over £30 million into a range of projects across Africa.  

Taking a look at their project list, I can't help but feel excited.  Projects include the AfriCat Foundation, Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, Durrell Madagascar, Coaching for Conservation, the Lamu Marine Conservation Porject, the Mali Elephant Project, Local Ocean Trust, various water projects, vulture conservation, rhino projects, those with primary and secondary schools, the South African Wildlife College and the Walikale Gorilla and Forest Conservation Project.  Click here to see their projects

Given some of the very tough and rugged terrain Tusk and its partners work in, the enhanced partnership with Land Rover must surely be good news for people and wildlife, and Tusk must be very excited as they work to help African have a sustainable future for people and wildlife. 

Click here to find out more about Tusk

**cc Tusk and Land Rover


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