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Great news for the Antarctic

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Greenpeace has announced some great news.

The majority of the krill fishing industry has agreed to voluntarily stop fishing in sensitive Antarctic waters.  And it’s backing the campaign for ocean sanctuaries in the Antarctic.

Penguins, whales and other Antarctic wildlife that feed on krill will be very relieved.

And when the Antarctic Ocean Commission meet in October to decide on a massive Sanctuary, the influential krill industry won't be standing in the way.

Greenpeace started campaigning on the krill industry back in April.   And the public piles on the pressure –

  • Over 45,000 emails went to Holland & Barrett calling on them to ditch krill oil products fished from areas that need protection.
  • Over 11,000 tweets and Facebook messages went to Boots, calling on them to stop sourcing krill oil products from sensitive Antarctic waters
  • Stickered krill products with the message on Holland and Barrett and Boots shelves nationwide,
  • Visited over 30 Boots shops with 'krill-o-meters' which asked people to choose between an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary and industrial krill fishing.

More people contacted stores stocking dodgy krill products.  Superdrug, Morrisons, Nature’s Best and others listened to customer concerns.

Greenpeace says, “This is a major step forward on the road to protecting the Antarctic. With many krill fishing companies now joining the 1.7 million people across the globe already calling for an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary, we are looking ahead with hope to the Antarctic Ocean Commission's meeting in October.”

The British Retail Consortium is now calling on governments to act and protect the Antarctic this year.

Do your bit and add your voice

The UK Government is part of an Antarctic Ocean Commission which has pledged to protect the Antarctic, so you can urge it to stand up for ocean protection and support the creation of the world’s largest Antarctic ocean sanctuary. 

Play a part and add your voice to get governments to act and protect the Antarctic.

Sign the petition Greenpeace has got and add your voice.  Penguins, whales and marine life need you!


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