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The 20-27th April 2023 saw the Green Match Fund 202when donations made to 178 participating charities were doubled.  Some are protecting specific animals such as dormice or otters, whilst others are focusing on habitats such as hedgerows or seagrass. Some are based in the UK but help wildlife overseas.  The event raised over £4,349,330  for the participating charities through 22,457 donations!  This well exceeded the previous year's event (£2.8 million).  Well done everyone!

Petition to Hermes about crocodiles for handbags and shoes

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Sign Care2’s petition demanding that they abandon the proposed facility in Australia, and ban the use of exotic skins from its products completely!

Where does the material for handbags and shoes come from?

Well, Hermès, the French fashion brand, want to build a new facility in Australia.  Here 50,000 crocodiles will be born into captivity.  They will be skinned and turned into handbags and shoes.

Incredibly, the project has been granted development and environmental approvals.

How is it that someone can say it’s okay to breed crocodiles into captivity to be skinned for handbags and shoes?

The fashion brand plan to steal eggs from mother crocodiles in the wild.  This will cause fear, stress and aggression.

When the eggs hatch in the factory farm walls, the baby crocs will kept in tight concrete enclosures.  Their movement will be restricted and they will have no stimulation. 

Sign the petition to tell Hermes to abandon plans for their crocodile breeding facility and ban the use of exotic skins from its products

And when they have grown big enough, their skin will be ready to be harvested.

PETA have reported that on other crocodile farms, crocodiles are electrocuted. Their bodies shake and protest wildly.

Some may even still be alive as their necks are slit.  Metal rods are rammed down their spine in an attempt to kill them.  Some have been seen to be alive as the skinning starts.

Hermès says it "has defined and implemented a very strict, science-based, animal welfare policy."


Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Mulberry have banned exotic animal skins in their products.  They use vegan alternatives which look the same.

Tell Hermès that’s not too late to join the right side of history. Sign the petition demanding that they abandon the proposed facility in Australia, and ban the use of exotic skins from its products completely!

Please sign the petition here




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  1. Sally Longson

    Hi, Thanks for visiting! I agree, the crocodile farms must be completely closed. Hopefully one day this will happen. Hope you are keeping well, All best wishes, Sally

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  2. Miss Claudia Jane miller

    Please help out as they need our help and support we need to shut down all the crocodiles farm must be completely shut down.

    Posted on

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