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The British Garden: Life and Death on your Lawn on BBC4 is back!

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On BBC4 on Sunday evening 11 April 2021  “The British Garden:  Life and Death on your Lawn.” will be on air again.

Chris Packham and a team of wildlife experts spent a year exploring every inch of a series of back gardens in Welwyn Garden City.  The gardens are all interlinked, and Packham and the team want to find out how much wildlife lives beyond our back doors, and how good is wildlife for the British garden?

Amongst other things, Chris meets a family of foxes and a ball of frisky frogs.

By the end of the year, Chris will find out how well our gardens support wildlife and how many different species call our gardens home.

A team from London’s Natural History Museum are among those who are involved in the programme.

Find out more from the programme’s website here.


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