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Plastic is harming the Ganges

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The river Ganges is a lifeline for over 500 million people across India. The river is workshipped as Ganga Mata, the Divine Mother.   She has sustained life for thousands of years.

As this clip from You Tube shows (thank you to the BBC.co.uk for it), the Ganges is in trouble, thanks to human use of plastic.

Wherever we are in the world, we all need to try to cut down on the amount of plastic we use and look for alternatives.   

I've made a start using bamboo toothbrushes and I love them!  If we can each look at what we use plastic for and see what alternatives we can use, that would be a great start.

I'm off to buy a blueberry bush to put in a pot in the garden - that will save the plastic packaging they've come in before. 


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