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Kura's Pride helps people, wildlife and domestic dogs all at once in Kenya

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World Lions’ Day is ROARING towards us (it’s on 10th August 2020) and in doing some research for this website to put up something about it, I have as always found myself getting very immersed in some of the fantastic work that charities are doing.

One of the amazing programmes I found out about today was about a very special dog called Kura and Kura’s Pride. 

Kura lives with the team working with the charity Ewaso Lions, who promote wildlife-human co-existence.  They believe "the long-term survival of lions and other carnivores depends on finding ways people can coexist with them".

Kura  turned up in the charity’s camp on the day of the Kenyan National Elections back in 2013.  He was lost and lame and looking for somewhere safe to stay.  And 7 years on, he is still with the camp!  

And now Kura is heading the Kura Pride initiative, which is working to improve domestic dog welfare in Northern Kenya.  

During the period October 2019 and June 2020, Kura’s Pride and partners managed to vaccinate over 2,600 animals against rabies and distemper.  These two disease harm people and wildlife so it’s a wonderful thing to get the jabs done. 

This video tells you more about it.  I was struck by how happy everyone looks, dogs and people.

Kura is the Director of  Emoti
onal Stability for the charity Ewaso Lions.  As such, he warns everyone of poisonous snakes and leopards nearby, and of course he loudly announces any visitor to camp.

Find out more about Kura's Pride

Find out more about Ewaso Lions


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