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Chitwan National Park - Entrepreneurs and Conservationists work together

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There’s been an interesting development in Chitwan between conservationists and the local business community.

The conservationists held an interactive programme with the business community to discuss the responsibility of all stakeholders in conserving wildlife in the area.  The programme was organised by the Ratnanagar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

The conservationists said that conserving wildlife is vital to both save the ecosystem and help local communities enjoy economic benefits.

The Chitwan National Park is home to areas such as one-horned rhinos, tigers, elephants and others.  It’s the first conservation area of the country and as such the area – especially the tourism industry – will benefit if wildlife is part of the agenda.

Tourists will come far and wide to see the animals.   As well as revenue coming into the area, there will be employment opportunities for local people. 

Businesses were urged to refrain from undertaking activities which could affect wildlife conservation.   And information was distributed about the legal repercussions of harming, poaching and smuggling wild animals.  Businesses were asked for help in raising awareness about smuggling animal parts and helping the local authorities to stop it. 

Businesses were also reminded about their legal responsibilities in meeting and maintaining environmental standards so that the balance of the ecosystem would be preserved.

The business community as a whole agreed to carry out their work while taking steps to protect animals and forests. 

The interaction programme was organised to enable entrepreneurs to be aware of the conservation of the environment and wildlife as they ran their businesses.   About 100 entrepreneurs attended the event.

This is a terrific initiative and wouldn’t it be great if there was more collaboration between businesses and conservationists elsewhere?  Well done to everyone involved :-) 



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