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Great news for Elephants from the World Land Trust

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There are some charities which really do strike a chord with you and make you sit up and think, "Wow".

The World Land Trust does it for me.   I think it's an amazing charity.  It protects the world's most important and threatened wildlife habitats, acre by acre.

In fact, you can sponsor or give the gift of an acre, which makes for a marvellous gift because it lasts.

Since it was founded in 1989 - so not that long ago compared to other charities - the World Land Trust has funded partner organisations around the world to create reserves, and thereby give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife.

Habitats are vital to wildlife.  They matter.  Without a healthy habitat to live in, wildlife can't survive. 

The World Land Trust has just succeeded in raising funds for a wildlife corridor in India, linking two tiger reserves.   The animal who'll probably benefit most from this corridor is the Indian elephant.  Elephants needed a safe passage to travel between two Ghats mountain ranges for food and mates.  The funding is being used for land exchange:  the landowner can continue subsistence farming, but away from the passage.   The elephants have been raiding crops as they pass between villages which of course caused conflict between people and elephants.  Hence the appeal was called the Elephant Corridor Appeal

The success of the World Land Trust's campaign is critical because it gives safe passage to Indian elephants passing through the Mudahalli corridor between the Eastern and Western Ghats, and that can now be secured.  On this occasion, the Trust worked with the Wildlife Trust of India

So far, Barking Deer, Black-naped Hare, ChitalSambar DeerSloth Bear and Wild Boar have all been seen in the corridor forest and extension area, as well as tigers and elephants. 

This is all thanks to the supporters of World Land Trust's campaign.   People (no doubt from all over the world, although the Trust is based in the UK.

To me, news like this is fantastic.  This was an effort by a lot of people who were willing to put money into securing this wildlife corridor.   It reinforces what can be done by people coming together to make a difference.

We can all create change by acting as individuals, but how much greater our power is when we come together!

Elephants of India, enjoy your wildlife corridor.  Be safe. And thank you World Land Trust for the amazing work you and your partners do. 


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