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Snow Cats and Me - Gordon Buchanan on BBC2

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Don't miss Tuesday and Wednesday 5 and 6 January 2021 at 9pm on BBC2:  Cheetah Family and Me with Gordon Buchanan 

It's back!  There's a repeat of Snow Cats and Me on BBC2 at 8pm on Friday 13 November 2020!

Here's my post from the previous showing:

I'm watching a lynx catching the first rays of sun on her fur ever, in Russia.  This lynx is one of two who have been rescued from a chap who kept two lynx to breed from and this amazing rescuer has got the owner to hand them over.

The rescuer is big cat expert Dr Victor Lukarevsky who is trying for the first time ever to rescue lynx and rehabilitat them so that they can go back into the wild. This is in complete contrast to their previous life when they were living in cages in a garage.

Lynx are wanted for the pet trade and fur trade in Russia. 

Anyway, do watch Gordon Buchanan's Snow Cats and Me.  There are 2 episodes and you can find out more about the programme here.


Do I tell you or not, if you haven't seen the programme?  Well, I'm bursting so I have to!   The two lynx Dasher and Briansk (not sure if I've spelt their names correctly) were released in the stunning Khakassia State Reserve, Siberia, deep in the Siberian wilderness, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one to have tears falling down my face at the sight of Briansk gingerly stepping into unknown territories and taking uncertain looks around him before heading off away from his rescuers.  The park is patrolled by rangers and it's a very remote area indeed - you don't see any signs of people at all. 

The footage of the lynx kittens was gorgeous, with their beautiful faces and inquisitive natures.   If you haven't seen the programme, please take a look


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  1. Sally Longson

    It was an amazing hour of television. I was very moved as well, Mary; it was wonderful to see the snow cats exploring and enjoying the sun after so many years in cages. Fingers crossed all works out well for them.

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  2. mary davies

    I watched the first part of "snow cats" last night and it made me cry. At my advanced age I thought I had witnessed human cruelty to animals, but the sight of these beautiful animals experiencing such basics as sunshine, sky, snow and earth for the first time after years of captivity in small cages in a dark garage really got to me. I will watch tonight with hope. mary

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