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New reserves to create whale sanctuary in Scotland

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The Scottish Government is to consult the public on the creation of new marine protected areas - MPAs.

Four marine reseres are set to be established to protect dolphins and whales in their Scottish breeding and nursey aresa.

The areas are:

  1. North East Lewis
  2. The Sea of the Hebrides
  3. Shiant East Bank (around the Outer Hebrides) 
  4. The Southern Trench (from the sea off Buckie to Peterhead)  

The Sea of the Hebrides is known to be a vital breeding spot for basking sharkes.   Risso's and bottlenose dolphins, along several whale species, frequent all the areas.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation society had proposed 3 of the sites in 2011.

Currently, Scotland's MPA network covers about 20% of its seas at the moment and it comprises over 30 MPAs.

You can find out more about the WDC's report on this proposal here

And more about the Scottish Government's Marine Protected Areas here


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