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Will you Pledge a Patch for wildlife?

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Worcestershire Wildlife Trust have come up with a great initiative, asking people to Pledge a Patch for wildlife.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust are asking people to pledge a patch for wildlife 

Although they are asking people in Worcestershire to do this, I thought, what a brilliant idea - and so I wanted to let everyone know about it in the hope more people would follow suit wherever they are and pledge a patch for wildlife!

There are 46 Wildlife Trusts around the UK - you can find your local here.

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is celebrating its 50th birthday and it now has 75+ nature reserves across Worcestershire.  They describe them as "stepping stones in the landscape" - I love that description.  And they are asking people to join the dogs so that wildlife can move through safely. 

Wildlife all over the world need wildlife corridors to help them move from one place to another and these are vital to help them reach everything they need to survive and thrive. 

Ideas of how you can pledge a patch are... (and no, you don't need a garden)...

  • Fill a window box with nectar and pollen rich plants
  • Attach a bug box to the wall of your house
  • Leave a 1m by 1m square of grass longer so that daisies can grow for the bees
  • Put up a nest box for birds
  • Plant a pollinator patch in an area of land - businesses could easily do that
  • Bring your neighbours together and ensure that hedgehogs can get from one garden to another easily
  • Join up with locals to turn an unused patch of land into an areas for butterflies
  • Create a small pond for frogs and toads
  • Offer to manage a local verge and fill it with wild flowers - just sow wildflowers around it and don't mow it so often

So there's plenty everyone can do wherever you are.  80 peole have already signed up to the Pledge a Patch initiative and you can find out more from their website here.


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