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Panda conservation to benefit from ecological corridors in China

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Every panda needs their sleep

Forestry authorities in China's north western Shaanxi Province have launched an ecological corridor programme.

The programme will connect fragmented giant panda habitat, making it easier for pandas to make their way across the region safely.   Six such corridors will be built by 2027 using bridge construction and road culvert clearance.

In addition to building the corridors, bamboo trees are to be planted and vegetation restored along the route.  This means that the pandas willl have plenty to eat along the way.

Human activities, road traffic and hydropower station construction meant that panda habitat was being divided into six parts in the Qinling area - it was hard for pandas to connect and move about. 

Research shows that about 345 pandas live in the Qinling area.  May there be many more! 

Useful information and ways to help pandas

US charity Pandas International is busy working hard to help with panda conservation in China. 

″Endangered means we have time, extinction is forever.″ 

Pandas International 

Visit their website to find out more.



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