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Wildlife and our last remaining wild places are being destroyed because of human action or inaction and because of our own short –term greed.

Peter Fearnhead, CEO, African Parks Network, South Africa

Help Rainforest Rescue help the Ekuri people protect their forest and help gorillas

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Rainforest Rescue are asking for donations to help the indigenous Ekuri protect their community forest.

You see, bulldozers appeared without warning and started to clear one of Nigeria’s last remaining forests.  

The Ekuri people rose up quickly – they have a lot of experience defending their forest against the exploitation of others.

The Ekuri people and Rainforest Rescue have developed a powerful coalition over the years.

They want to get the government of Cross River State to abandon its plans for a superhighway to nowhere. 


If it were to be created, that superhighway would impact national parks, forest reserves – and 185 villages along its 270 kilometre route.Sixty Eco-Guards are being trained to protect the forest by Martins Ego and activities of the NGOs Ekuri Initiative and DevCon.


One of the species of wildlife who will be particularly affected if this highway goes ahead is the endangered Cross River Gorillas because the region is home to the Afi Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Please help the Ekuri people defend their forest home and protect it for people and wildlife – especially the gorillas! Find out more and donate here 



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