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Give a struggling bee some help with this Beevive bee revival kit keyring

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Have you discovered a bee on the floor who looks like they are struggling?  What do you do to help?

The RSPB says that if you come across a struggling bee, you should place them safely on a bee-friendly flower - but if there aren't any flowers close by, or the flowers have been drained by nectar by other bees , then a boost of a sugar solution can help the bee find their way to a flower that is full of nectar.  

Take a look at the Beevive revival kit keyring here.

Well, help is at hand with bee revival kits from Beevive!  The one below is and above, available from the RSPB, is pre-filled with ambrosia® syrup in a small aluminium vial, and it also somes with 5+ uses which are refillable from home - you just follow the instructions.  

You can find out more and buy a kit here from the RSPB

Beevive started in 2018, when three friends met a very tired bee, and so created the Bee Revival Kit.  They've since visited schools, hosted workshops and collaborated with businesses to spread the word about how important bees are. 

Of course, one of the great things we can all do to help bees is to plant flowers that attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.  

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has a "Go Potty" campaign to encourage us to do that - you just need a pot to go potty with!  Find out all about it here.




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