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Wildlife and our last remaining wild places are being destroyed because of human action or inaction and because of our own short –term greed.

Peter Fearnhead, CEO, African Parks Network, South Africa

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  1. Help the Rainforest Trust save a vital 110 acres of Colombian tropical forest

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    The  is working hard to buy 110 acres of Colombian tropical forest.  

    The Rainforest Trust is on the verge of purchasing and protecting 110 vital acres of Colombian tropical forest.  

    The tropical forests are endangered themselves as farms expand and other developments take place.  They are the only place on the planet where you'll find cotton-top tamarins - whose numbers have gone down 80% in just 20 years.


    Help the Rainforest Trust save 110 vital acres of tropical rainforest in Colombia

    Help the Rainforest Trust save 110 vital acres of tropical rainforest in Colombia
    Please donate here


    As well as cotton-top tamarins, the area is also home to spider and howler monkeys, a critically endangered turtle species and scarlet macaws.  

    Local organisation Fundación Proyecto Tití is working hard to protect the whole area.

    They have blocked the creation of a clear-cutting cattle ranch.

    Now they are working with the Rainforest Trust to secure more land.  The land is critical becuase it will give the animals safe passage - a corridor - between protected areas.  It will give the animals the vital space they need to recover and survive. 

    We can all help the Rainforest Trust achieve this goal.  

    Find out more from the Rainforest Trust and donate here.

    You can donate to this project through SumofUs who partner the Rainforest Trust

  2. Stop this oil refinery from operating on St Croix in the US Virgin Islands

    Posted on have a petition about an enormous oil refinery on St Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

    It has laid dormant for nearly years – it was forced to shut down after committing dangerous environmental breaches.

    Donald Trump re-opened it in his last weeks of office -     his full plan went into effect on 4 February 2021. 

    Three days later, say the sky rained oil.

    A vapour cloud released by the refinery went up into the air, glided to the community of Clifton Hill which is nearby, filled homes, gardens and toys – and then it burst, a mixture of petroleum and water covering cars, toys, and more with oil.

    This was over two months ago.

    Residents say the oil is still stuck to food sources such as avocado and fruit.  It cannot be washed out.

    An oil refinery rained petroleum on wildlife, people, and homes. Shut down this foul plant, now!


    The island is surrounded by marine life – coral reefs, sharks and whales.   If the oil keeps going into the soil and water around the island, it could poison people and animals for years to come.

    There is a huge human rights issue as well. say that most of the residents are black, descendants of Africans who were enslaved and brought to work on sugar and cotton plantations.

    The Biden administration has already started an investigation and revoked a number of permits.

    But the plant is still open.

    Please tell the Biden administration to shut this toxic oil refinery down.   Force its operators to clean up their pollution.

    Please sign here


  3. The Skagit Land Trust in Washington protects another 50 more acres!

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    The Skagit Land Trust is a local non-profit conservation organisation located in the beautiful state of Washington.   It is supported by over 1,600 people (indidivduals, families and businesses).  It protects key natural land for future generations of people and wildlife and for the benefit of the community.

    And great news!

    The Skagit Land Trust has protected over 8,560 acres of land and 46 miles of marine and freshwater shoreline in Skagit County.  It’s done this  working with communities, landowners and partners.

    And good news!  They’ve purchased 50 more acres.  These are at the entrance to Samish Island and the land will be managed as part of the Samish Island Conservation Area.

    The Trust now protects 100 acres at the entrance to Samish Island and over half a mile of marine shoreline.  It includes a beach, freshwater wetlands, a tidal marsh, a small creek and tidelands.    And it means that the entrance will be natural open space forever!

    The purchase was possible thanks to over 200 families, businesses and organisations who donated to help purchase the property, and the Washington State Department of Ecology who helped secure a grant of$875,000 from the National Coastal Weltands Conservation Grant Program.  

    The Trust is working to secure further grant funds and these will help repay loans taken out for the purchase and also to help restore the property.  


    The 100 acres includes the Samish Island Conservation Area, and the Samish Flower Farm.  It also includes an adjoining private conservation easement, kindly donated over 15 years ago by Jim Squires Jr and Cliff Squires.  Take a look at the areas protected by the Skagit Land Trust and you’ll see how important conservation easement is.

    The first step is a site clean up. 

    Find out all about the Skagit Land Trust’s Conservation Strategy here.

    This just shows what can be done when people pull together towards a common conservation goal, so well done to every one involved.  Donate here.

  4. Sign petition to end the Atlantic commercial seal hunt

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    IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)  have been working for half a decade to end the Canadian commercial hunt.

    It has been working with organisations, governments at a local and national level and dedicated animal lovers.

    And they are making progress – the hunt is a shadow of its former self.

    • 36 international trade bans on seal products
    • 4 million seals have been saved since the European Union ban in 2009
    • A 97% decrease in the value of the commercial seal hunt from 2006 to 2019

    Sign petition to end the Atlantic commercial seal hunt
    Sign petition to end the Atlantic commercial seal hunt

    But the 2021 hunt has opened, and IFAW are asking us all to sign a petition to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to get this event stopped once and for all.

    IFAW says that the hunt is cruel and unnecessary.  It’s time for the Canadian Government to stop funding the commercial hunt and invest in economic alternatives for those few fishermen who still take part in it.

    They have a form you can use to send a message to Trudeau – there’s a personalised copy to make it more effective and you can actually personalise that.  Though as they say, please be polite!

    Sign here and let’s really put the pressure on to get this commercial seal hunt STOPPED

  5. The Green Match Fund 2021 is from 22nd to 29 April 2021 - don't miss it! One donation, double the impact!

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    The Big Give's Green Match Fund 2021 takes place from 22nd to 29th April 2021.

    Whilst match funds last, donations you make to the incredible environmental charities who are taking part will be doubled! 

    “One donation, twice the impact!”

    Don't miss this opportunity to let your £5 donation become £10 without any extra effort from you! 

    Charities taking part include

    • RSPB
    • Blue Marine Foundation
    • Friends of the Earth
    • Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation
    • Space for Giants
    • Conservation Collective
    • Virunga Foundation
    • Trees for Life
    • Global Canopy
    • Rainforest Foundation UK
    • Surfers against Sewage
    • Bumblebee Conservation Trust
    • A number of Wildlife Trusts
    • Rewilding Britain
    • Marine Conservation Society
    • World Land Trust
    • Whitley Fund for Nature
    • Tree Sisters
    • David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
    • Plantlife
    • Trees for Cities
    • Garden Organic
    • John Muir Trust
    • Scottish Seabird Centre
    • Heribean Whale and Dolphin Trust
    • Cheetah Conservation Fund  UK
    • Orangutan Foundation
    • Environment Justice Foundation