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Peter Fearnhead, CEO, African Parks Network, South Africa

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in Australia helps wildlife in wildfires and drought, including koalas

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Did you know that the National Trust is helping its partner, the National Trust of Australia, to help Australian wildlife recover after the terrible bushfires in Australia?

A lot of the animals climb trees to escape the flames below - and when they get down again, they get serious burns on their feet.  They need treatment and regular bandage changes for months, food and water.  And a big challenge facing the hospital and sanctuary is that there is no home for the animals to return to when they are better - it has been destroyed by fire.

They are helping to raise awareness of the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, which is caring for many animals with burns and dehydration.

As a result of the drought and wildfires, the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital has experienced about a 20% increase in admissions from in and around the fire zones.  They are working to treat, rehabilitate and release wildlife – wildlife who are sick, injured and orphaned.

Help Australian wildlife - Buy a Tree
Help Australian wildlife - Buy a Tree
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In 2019, over 12,000 animals were admitted to the hospital – including 600 koalas.

You can help the hospital help wildlife by making a donation

Buy a Walkways for WildlifeBuy a Walkways for Wildlife
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Visit the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital’s website here.



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