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Great news for dolphins in Greece

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A Greek conservation group has created the world’s first dolphin sanctuary! 

The  Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation created it for dolphins who have been rescued from captivity. 


It’s on the island of Lipsi, south of Samos in the eastern Aegean. 

The hope is that these rescued dolphins will have a safe place to live out their lives, and also end their exploitation in zoos and marinas.  They say there are nearly 3,000 dolphins in captivity around the world and hope that by providing this sanctuary, they will help change worldwide perception of animals in captivity.

It is hoped that the knowledge gained by helping these dolphins can be used by scientists around the world.  The Institute exists to defend nature.  It has over 20  years research and now it’s taken action to create this first dolphin sanctuary.

You can help by making a donation

The Institute aims to defend the biodiversity of Greek seas and islands, and also the north eastern Mediterranean. 


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