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2,500 acres of tropical rainforest saved in Guatemala

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World Land Trust supporters raised a staggering £625,000 for the Treasure Chest Appeal.

The appeal was raising the money to save 2500 acres of tropical rainforest in the mountains of Sierra Santa Cruz in Guatemala.

The appeal got off to an amazing start in the first week of the World Land Trust’s Big Match Fortnight.  In fact, £100,000 was raised during this time.   And after that, support flew in from all over the world.

One eight year old girl tripled her £100 target to help save rainforest by completing  a mini-triathlon.

Artists dedicated their work of Guatemala’s wildlife, including a specially commissioned Chinamococh Stream Frog ornament by Jess Smith.  The frog is a critically endangered species that can only be found in the mountains of Sierra Santa Cruz.   There was also an oil painting of Scarlet Macaws by Glyn Macey and a watercolour of a Blackburnian Warbler by Dan Bradbury who works for the World Land Trust.

The appeal also received tremendous contributions from The Body Shop and Humble Bundle.

The money goes now to the World Land Trust’s local partner in Guatemala – the Foundation for Ecodevelopment and Conservation (FUNDAECO) and they work through the process of buying the land and protecting it to safeguard it for the wildlife living in the mountains.

Inspired?  You can support the World Land Trust's new appeal to save 400 acres in the Amazonian Andes.   


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