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World Land Trust supporters hit their target in Ecuador!

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In what I think is an incredibly short time, supporters of UK registered charity the World Land Trust have raised £165,000 towards the purchase of tropical forest.

I think it was late March 2018 that the appeal was started, and its success was announced on 12 June 2018 on its website.

This means that the World Land Trust will be able to save 400 acres of tropical forest in the Amazonian Andes of Ecuador. 

The habitat is home to sloths, cats, hummingbirds, eagles, frogs and macaws.

The area will be safe under the permanent protection of the World Land Trust’s  local partner, Fundación Jocotoco.  They will be able to make the purchase and protect the 400 acres of tropical rainforest in the Amazonian Andes.  This will extend the existing Narupa Reserve and connect it with nearby national protected areas. 

The World Land Trust has previously supported extensions through its Action Fund.

This was an urgent appeal, because there was the danger of a road being built through this ecosystem but the area is now safe. 

Such was the response of the World Land Trust supporters that the first part of the area was purchased quite early on in the appeal.

Getting involved gave me a wonderful feeling

Rather than give me a birthday present, I asked my husband to make a donation on my behalf to this appeal, I can’t tell you how much delight and joy my husband’s present has given me.  I have a warm glow inside my heart every time I think of it. It is a gift that will truly last and be meaningful.  Thank you, my darling!

I also donated myself to this appeal on behalf of my mother, my sister and I in memory of my wonderful father as an early Father’s Day gift.  This means that Dad’s presence is scattered around the world – he’s now in Ecuador!  He loved making a difference and he adored nature, so this is a great thing to do in his memory.  (He's also in Scotland, Sussex, and a few other places besides, because every Christmas and Father's Day and on his birthday, I do something in his memory - plant a tree, adopt an acre etc).

It really does make you feel good to contribute to something so many others have and join in the efforts to help conservation and endangered animals.

The World Land Trust has an action fund you can donate to (if you've missed this appeal above and want to do something) which means that they can respond rapidly to urgent conservation needs.



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