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Stop Rosebank oil and gas field

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350.org have a petition about a proposed new and enormous oil field called Rosebank. 

350.org say that if this Rosebank oil field goes ahead, the annual CO2 emissions would be more than those of the 28 lowest-income countries in the world put together.

350.org say that the Government should help tackle the cost-of-living crisis and our climate by kick-starting a fair transition to renewables and mass-insulating UK homes.

It says that the only way the Government will reject those Rosebank oil and gas field is if they see HUGE public opposition to new North Sea oil and gas.

Here’s the Conservative party manifesto for 2019, when they won the general election.  Check out their promises on climate change and fossil fuels.

The UK Government could be:

  • Investing money into renewables for everyone
  • Help fossil fuel workers transition to other jobs
  • Take insulation and energy-saving measures to help us through the cost-of-living crisis.

(Personally, I think it could also remove VAT off all products which mean we use more energy from renewables from washing lines for the garden and clothes horses (use the sun and wind to dry clothes) to solar power and wind power.)

Add your name now: Demand that Liz Truss rejects Rosebank and ALL new North Sea oil and gas!


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