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Trees for Life keep planting trees in Scotland :-)

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Today, I had an email from the amazing Trees for Life who are based in Scotland.

Nine years ago, they bought an estate – the Dundreggan Conservation Estate.  

And today’s news is that at the end of this autumn’s planting season, they will have planted 176,965 trees in the Allt Ruadh exclosure at our Dundreggan Conservation Estate.  This means, they say, that any day now, they will surpass 500,000 total trees planted on the estate since they bought it nine years ago.

Their Rewilding the Highlands project proposes to deliver an inspiring example of rewilding in the UK.  It is significantly expanding and enhancing the native Caledonian forest habitats on the Dundreggan Conservation Estate, while helping others to begin their own forest restoration initiatives.  It wants to develop the area into one of Scotland’s finest native woodlands, full of wildlife, for generations to come.  Over 3,000 species have been discovered. This will enable opportunities for wildlife watching to grow, fantastic for anyone who loves the outdoors. 

You can help by sponsoring an acre, becoming a friend of Dundreggan or even volunteering!  Find out more here



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