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World Giraffe Day 2022

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The 21st June is World Giraffe Day.  Why the 21st June?  Well, it’s the longest day or night in the year, depending on where you live!

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation initiated the day to celebrate this beautiful species, but the event also raises support and awareness of the work the Foundation (and others) are doing to help these incredible animals.  Habitat loss is the main threat to giraffes – they have lost nearly 90% of their natural habitat in the last 300 years and now there are only about 117,000 giraffe left in the wild

World Giraffe Day 2022

In 2022, World Giraffe Day is dedicated to Bringing Giraffe Back To Mozambique! 

The country has suffered from years of civil unrest.  CGF want to raise US$250,000 to secure a future for giraffe in Mozambique and bring giraffe back to the areas where they have gone locally extinct or are low in numbers. 

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation has undertaken translocations of giraffe before:

There are now only about 250 giraffe left in Mozambique.  So over the next 5 years, GCF will work with the government there and their partners, to move over 350 giraffe to four key parts of the nation

This will achieve the following:

  1. It will double the giraffe population
  2. It will re-establish southern giraffe in their historic range
  3. It will open over 3 million acres of prime habitat for the giraffe to live in

Will you help GCF achieve this goal and help giraffes? 

You can donate, and you can support them on social media with any of these hashtags: 






You can join in on social media:

Facebook: @giraffeconservationfoundation

Instagram: @giraffe_conservation

Twitter: @save_giraffe

Find out more about GCF’s Mozambique Programme and World Giraffe Day.

Please donate here

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