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Join the Army of People who Knit, Sew and Crochet for Animals in Australia

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If you can sew, or knit or crochet, then there’s a Facebook page you should take a look at.

An army of 20,000 people have joined forces to sew, knit and crochet vital equipment for the animals who have been orphaned by the horrible bushfires tearing through Australia.

There’s a need for joey pouches, bird nests, koala mittens and blankets to go to rescue centres.

It is now estimated that a BILLION animals have been killed and can’t imagine that number will stop there.  

The UK Crafters United Group has made items from wool, old bits of clothing and bedhseets to go to Australia.

People all over the world are knitting, sewing and crocheting for animals...

It all started when Australian based Animal Rescue Craft Guild put out an appeal.  And it’s grown to such an extent that Niki Cardwell who set up the Facebook group has reported to
The Times that she’s had to recruit an admin team to co-ordinate the operation.

People of all ages are knitting, men and women, and the group has released a pattern guide showing how to knit, crochet and sew joey pouches. 

Bentley, who make cars, have offered to deliver several crates.  The group is talking to airlines BA and Virgin about shipments.

Find out more through the group’s Facebook page.



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