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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 
Margaret Mead, American anthropologist, 1901-1978

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  1. The Archers Green Appeal in Hertfordshire needs our help!

    The Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust are trying to raise £500,000 to buy land which has vulnerable habitats.  The 20 acre site is near Welwyn Garden City and it has wildlife such as the water vole, harebell and skylark.  Water voles are the UK’s fastest declining mammals.

    The funds are needed to pay back a philanthropic loan which was used to take the site off the market.  At the time, the Trust had to act very fast to save the site and stop it falling into “unsympathetic” hands.

    It is vital to protect more land for wildlife and Archers Green flanks a river which is one of only 240 chalk streams in the world – the River Mimram.  The Trust says rivers like this are the UK’s equivalent to tropical rainforest.  It also has grasslands, critical habitat for wildlife. So action had to be taken really fast.

    If the funds aren’t raised, it maybe that the site has to go back on the open market.

    Find out more about the Appeal; please donate if you can!

    You can donate to this appeal with the 
    Big Give Christmas Challenge 
    which runs from 29 November to midday 6 December 2022
    when donations are doubled
    One donation, twice the impact!
    Donate here

    The other key thing about Archers Green is that it sits between the Tewinbury Nature Reserve and Panshager Park.   Wildlife need connected landscapes because these areas enable them to move around and to breed.  So if the funds can be raised, it means that the Trust can ensure the safety of the land for wildlife.

    The Trust points out that the areas has already lost crucial wildlife homes and corridors.  76 species went with that loss, leaving 1,446 under the threat of extinction.

    What will the funds be used for?

    • To pay back the philanthropic loans – this will mean that the site can be taken off the market.
    • To cover initial establishment costs such as fencing installation, tree safety, ash die back mitigation, monitoring activities and livestock grazing.  And to cover the management of the site on a daily basis for up to 20 years.

    If the funds can’t be raised, it may be that the remaining costs can be met from the financial reserves but this would mean taking key funds away from other nature reserves which also need managing and improving.

    We need to save land for wildlife.
    Wildlife need us to help them.

    As I write, the Trust says they are 26% of the way there and they only have 85 days left to raise the funds (that's on 7 November 2022 at 11:10am).  Please support it if you can.  Every single bit helps.

    Visit the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust's website

    View the Trust's You Tube videos



    It's Giving Tuesday on 29th November, and there are a number of charities taking part including (and these are by no means all there are!):

    The Snow Leopard Trust  - donations up to $100,000 will be doubled up to and including the 29th November 2022.  (This has been extended by a day, looking at their website)

    Vital Ground:  Several generous Vital Ground supporters have launched their end-of-the-year $100,000 matching challenge, so donations on 29th November 2022 will be matched dollar for dollar, helping protect crucial habitat in the Northern Rockies for grizzly bears, wolves, deer and elk, native trout and much more

    Rainforest Foundation US is raising $50,000 to expand our forest protection programs in the Brazilian Amazon, which, in recent years, has been slammed with record levels of deforestation and land degradation. 

    Wildlands Network is looking to raise $7,500 to ensure the future of North America's biodiversity.  Invest in continental-scale conservation of wildife habitat and migration corridors.  Contributions will support connected landscapes, enableing plants and wildlife to thrive. On Giving Tuesday, generous anonymous donors are matching your tax-deductible donation dollar-for-dollar, up to $7,500. Help them meet our goal!

    Sloth Conservation - they are turning 20 hectares of primary forest in the South Carribean into a sloth reserve and scientific station. A donation of just $5 will contribute one square meter to this crucial project.  You could also Sponsor a Sloth Crossing to help connect the habitat and help sloths (and other animals) cross roads safely or plant sloth-friendly trees to provide homes and food to sloths and other wildlife.  This will also restore  habitat in urbanized area

    Space for Giants - they want to raise funds to help protect Africa's landscapes from climate change.  It wants to create space by protectingi the vital landscapes that are vital for a healthy planet.  $50 will protect 25 acres (10 hectares) of indigenous wildlife habitats;  $100 will secure the future of 50 acres (20 hectares).   Donate here

    Help captive bears - International Animal Rescue need to build a new, state-of-the-art rescue centre so that they can save every single suffering bear and give them the love and care they need!   They have run out of room and need to build for bears.   Find out more and donate here - donations are doubled until the end of December.

    Tigers4ever urgently need to provide 850 warm winter jackets for the brave men and women who risk their lives every day to keep wild tigers safe.  Donate here

    Red Panda Network wants to double the area of red panda habitat they are restoring — to over 100 hectares! — and plant another 100,000 trees in red panda habitat in 2022. Their goal is to plant 200,000 trees  in Nepal and restore at least 100 hectares of degraded red panda habitat in 2023!  They also plan to purchase 25 of these hectares. Every dollar donated in November and December will be matched x2 by First Panda Challengers to protect red pandas and restore their habitat!  Find out more

    Seacology focuses exclusively on protecting island ecosystems and supporting the communities that depend on them.   Please find out more here

    Sea turtles need help to survive on the coasts of Central America.  Paso Pacífico rangers are ready to help.  Please help turtles survive and also help the communities who are best positioned to protect them.  Find out more from Paso Pacifico

    Please keep checking back for more information on Giving Tuesday!


    In Victoria, Australia, the Koala Leaders Unite rally was held on 18 November at the state Premier’s Office.  

    It was held a week before the state election there, and it took place at the then Premier Dan Andrew's office.  It was attended by almost 50 people and the Koala Clancy Foundation  and Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation are co-hosted the event in the hope that voters will consider koalas when they vote, and that the public rally will make the next government sit up and take action.

    The Koala Leaders Unite rally was held just before the election in Victoria, Australia

    The Koala Leaders Unite rally was held just before
    the election in Victoria, Australia outside the Premier's office.
    Image © Danielle Judd

    Koala Leaders gave 6 speeches stories about koala deaths and declines in the region – all driven by state government policies of neglect and contempt.and they included:

    The Koala Leaders Unite rally sent a strong message - koala habitat needs urgent protection
    The Koala Leaders Unite rally sent a strong message
    - koala habitat needs urgent protection
    Image © Danielle Judd

    Koala Commandments for the next state Premier

    Advocates for koalas have compiled urgent demands to save Victorian koalas.  They will be delivered to the next state Premier. 

    Here are the Koala Commandments

    The Commandments have been signed by a conservation groups

    The Koala Commandments have been signed by 16 groups including: 

    Koala Clancy Foundation

    Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation

    Friends of Alberton West Forest / Mel & the Menagerie

    International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

    Wombat Forestcare

    Blessings of the Bush Koala Shelter

    Australian Forests & Climate Alliance (AFCA)

    Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation

    Fair Go For Wildlife Shelter

    Reach Out Wildlife Australia

    Victorian Forest Alliance

    Animalia Wildlife Shelter

    Wombat Action Group

    Environment East Gippsland 

    Southern Koala SKAT Project 


    Koalas need habitat to survive and thrive - too many have lost their habitats because of bushfires, logging and development
    Koalas need habitat to survive and thrive -
    too many have lost their habitats
    because of bushfires, logging and development
    Images ©  Koala Clancy Foundation

    For like any species, koalas need habitat to survive and thrive, and nearly 50,000 koalas are about to die in Blue Gum plantations.  State owned logging operations are causing the death of the rare, genetically distinct Strzelecki koalas in the area of South Gippsland.  People are telling the Koala Clancy Foundation that koalas have disappeared.

    Coming up to the election...

    Despite the deaths of thousands of koalas in bush fires fuelled by climate change, the Dan Andrews government was pushing ahead with plans to drill for gas near the Twelve Apostles.  If this happens, unless koala lovers speak up, the Victorian koalas will soon be endangered.

    Koalas need us to stretch out and give our support
    Koalas need us to stretch out and give our support
    Images ©  Koala Clancy Foundation

    The state government hasn’t even updated its Koala Management Strategy since the last one was written in 2004.  The state government says that nearly 50,000 koalas are living in the Blue Gum plantations in south west Victoria – these plantations are all due to be logged.

    Where will those koalas go?

    What will they eat?

    Doesn’t the state government even care?

    And if it does say it cares, why is it destroying koala habitat, when it says there are about 50,000 koalas in the area it is going to log?

    What will this koala do for somewhere to live now?  What will the koala eat?

    Please visit the websites above and see if there is anything you can do to get involved, wherever you are.  Wildlife need us and the more people who join in to help in whatever way they can, the better.

    Wildlife need habitat to survive and thrive.


    Please help the World Land Trust save Ecuador's unique foothill forests before it is too late.

    The World Land Trust is an amazing charity based in the UK, (HQ in Suffolk).  It focuses specifically on conserving threatened habitats and it does this through raising funds for land purchase.  It goes down this route with considerable care, and the land is purchased, protected and managed by local partner organisations. Thus is has the ability to respond swiftly when lands are under threat of destruction.

    So far, the World Land Trust has protected 2,409,420 acres, and planted 2,457,900 trees.   It works in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, the UK, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Paraguay, India, Guatemala – and lots more!  View their projects here

    It raises some of these funds through a Buy an Acre scheme – a £100 donation can buy an acre of land and protect it for wildlife in perpetuity.  You can also donate (one off or monthly) to the Action Fund which is used to for funds to enable the Trust to respond fast where action is needed, be it to extend and safeguard existing reserves or fight fires, or make sure that the reserves are protected by experienced rangers.

    Every year, the World Land Trust has a huge appeal in the autumn.  It's called Big Match Fortnight...and as I type, the project has raised 83% of the funds needed!

    All about the Big Match Fortnight 2022

    In 2022, this appeal is a real opportunity to save Ecuador’s incredible Río Anzu and Río Zúñac forests!   Threats are emerging all the time including proposed oil extraction projects and the conversion to crops – e.g. balsa wood.

    Please donate to the Life on the Edge Appeal
    The fund match has closed - it ran from 12th to 26 October 2022 -
    but the appeal still needs help and support!

    We need to buy these habitats to protect them.  Let conservation be the victor here, not extraction and destruction

    With the help from the new £1,430,000 campaign, Life on the Edge, Fundación EcoMinga wants to expand the reserves in the Andean valleys. 

    Black and chestnut Eagles, Spectacled bears, jaguars and Mountain tapirs will all feel the benefits, along with frog species and orchids.  New species of trees (including two Magnolia species) and several new frog species have been discovered.

    Life on the Edge: 5 fun facts about the wildlife you can save with our new appeal

    Fundación EcoMinga have a plan:

    Donations to the Life on the Edge appeal will enable the protection of 1,086 ha – that’s 2,683 acres – which will be split between 586 ha at Río Anzu and and 500 ha Río Zúñac

    The donations will fund the expansion of TWO reserves in a tropical watershed, where nearly 100 species have been discovered in less than 20 years, and nearly all of them found nowhere else on earth.  The appeal will connect the two reserves through a national park.  It will help wildlife roaming and lots of EDGE species – that’s those who are Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered.

    It's in Ecuador and it will help species
    such as this Spectacled Bear.

    Along with donations from EcoMinga’sother supporters, the World Land Trust’s partner will be able to safeguard 5,1234 acres across both reserves.  This is enough to save over half of the unprotected forests left in the area.  The habitats will be patrolled by the World Land Trust funded Keepers of the Wild.  And – very exciting – they will be linked to a 1.6 MILLION hectare protected network.  That’s incredible!

    Together we can all make this happen.  Every single donation will make a difference.

    The wildlife need us.   Please let’s take action and donate and/or spread the word!

    Last year....Big Match Fortnight 2021

    In 2021, the Trust aimed to raise £1.2 million for the Guardians of Nimla Ha’ – one of their most ambitious appeals to date.  An incredible £1.37 million was raised which enabled the Trust’s partner in Guatemala, FUNDAECO, to complete the purchase to TRIPLE the size of their Laguna Grande Reserve, home to over 700 species.  Manatees, ocelots, 357 bird species, primates, Jaguars, Margays will all be much safer thanks to this purchase.   The reserve tripled in size from 1,668 to nearly 5,000 acres.   And it’s because we all pulled together to respond to this appeal by donating. Every bit counted.  Find out more about the Guardians of Nimla ‘Ha appeal here.

    As a historic first for the World Land Trust's Big Match Fortnight...

    Whatever you give to save this habitat was TRIPLED during Big Match Fortnight (that’s the 12th October through to the 26th October 2022).  This is all thanks to the amazing pledges of some of the World Land Trust’s supporters and the appeal now stands at 75% - just 25% to go!  The fund match has closed now but you can still donate to this vital appeal.

    Please donate here

    We can act as individuals by donating and spreading the word and being a part of a something really important and terrific.  By pulling together, we can power through this appeal and help protect wildlife.

    Visit the World Land Trust’s website for updates and to donate