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Solar Independence Day - 4th July 2017

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The Fourth of July is of course widely recognised as Independence Day in the US.

But there's another 4th of July - Solar Independence Day.   I discovered this from the Solar Trade Association

We've got solar power to heat our water now, and if I could and our roof had been more appropriate, I'd have gone for solar heating in the house as well.  

But the least I can do is to tell you how pleased I am with the solar power in our house that we do have - I'm determined to see what else I can do to switch off our need for power produced by any fossil fuel and to use solar instead.  

Our bills for water have reduced our overall electricity bill, which is great news - and it's lovely to feel that hot water in a shower and to know we haven't had to fork out for it this month.  Yes, we had to pay for the solar system to be put in but prices are coming down all the time, so find out if you are eligible and go solar if you can!

What I REALLY love about solar is the fact that we have acquired more control over our use of energy.  Now that the system is in, we've got more control over at least some of our electricity bill and - I think - greater protection against rising electricity prices for hot water use. 

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