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Durrell has a film called Conservation Works

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The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has moved into 2019 looking forward to its 60th anniversary....It was founded back in 1959 by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell. 

The charity is committed to saving some of the most vulnerable animals on the planet from extinction.

For instance, a duck thought to be extinct for 15 years has been brought back from the brink and given a new home on a remote lake in Madagascar.

The Jersey based charity has a video called Conservation Works, narrated by Alexander Armstrong and here it is from You Tube:

Durrell's approach:

  1. The charity runs 50 projects in 18 countries, focusing on islands.   
  2. The role of the zoo in Jersey and overseas is conservation, managing breeding programmes for release back into the wild.
  3. It has 25 years of conservation training and runs courses for conservationists. 
  4. And it uses science to help idenfity priorities, design conservation policy and practice and animal husbandry and to evaluate the impact of its work. 

In the last 30 years, Durrell has helped move 14 target species in danger of extinction away from the edge. 

As a Jersey girl, I'm very proud of Durrell and the work it does, and wish everyone there and associated with it a very Happy 60th Anniversary!   Keep up the wonderful work :-) 

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