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Who says levying 5p on plastic bags doesn’t make a difference? It does!

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I was reading through the excellent magazine Natur from the North Wales Wildlife Trust this morning.

One piece of news particularly caught my eye and just shows how levying the 5p on carrier bags can help wildlife.

The support of Tesco’s customers through this levy has enabled the North Wales Wildlife Trust to manage the Riwledyn Nature Reserve.  This is a 12 acre reserve close to the sea.  They’ve been able to maintain areas of limestone grassland and protect local wildlife.

In 2017, the Trust:

  • Purchased new hand-tools, 2 new brush-cutters, personal protective equipment and fencing materials to facilitate grassland and grazing management.   Three volunteers were trained in the art of using a brush-cutter.
  • A group walk in July spotted a dark-red helleborine – the first time this orchid has been spotted at the reserve – plus spiked speedwell, white horehound and a loud chattering of chough
  • Local volunteers and youth groups (Conwy Healthy Image Group and Itaca Youth Group) helped to install 2 new oak benches along a busy section of the Wales Coast Path – and they’re proving very popular for people to use after climbing up and over the Little Orme!

Find your local branch of the North Wales Wildlife Trust here©Lin Cummins

Visit the North Wales Wildlife Trust
 and find out how you can make a difference.

You can find your local branch here.

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