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Update on the Burley Lane Wood Appeal, Derbyshire -

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UPDATE ON FRIDAY 26 January 2024:
Unfortunately the Just Giving page shows that the bid has been rejected by the seller.  We can all only hope and pray that whoever has bought the land will consider wildlife and the benefits the area brings to everyone.  Information about obtaining a refund if you've donated is available here.

UPDATE ON Thursday 25 January 2024:  The bid has gone in and the fundraisers say it is a realistic bid.  They also ask that we keep donating if we can to make sure the funds are there if they are selected as the preferred bidder.

Now, more on the appeal:

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have been in touch with supporters about a very urgent appeal that a group of community re-wilders in Allestree have for a crucial wildlife habitat called Burley Lane Wood in Derbyshire.

It’s a small site but the largest urban re-wildling project in the UK.  Birds, bats, small mammals and invertebrates call it home.   It connects Allestree Park and a village, and the aim is to secure the land so that it can stay undisturbed for nature.

Please help Save Burley Lane WoodPlease help Save Burley Lane Wood

The wood is up for sale – and the danger is that if it gets into the wrong hands, it could become a development site – so the community group want to buy it, protect it for nature and make sure that future generations can enjoy it.   

Additional potential donors/lenders are also being followed up. 

Please support the Burley Lane Wood Appeal if you can and help wildlife keep their home.  They are looking to raise £80,000 by 10am on Wednesday 24 January 2024 - every bit helps.  You can see what a tight dealine this is, so please  help by spreading the word and encouraging everyone to donate.  

Please donate here through the Appeal's Just Giving page.

Thank you.

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