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Wildlife and our last remaining wild places are being destroyed because of human action or inaction and because of our own short –term greed.

Peter Fearnhead, CEO, African Parks Network, South Africa

Score a goal for jaguars and help with jaguar conservation

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Here’s a chance to double your donation during the 3rd to 17th July 2018 and really make a difference to jaguars and big cat conservation.

The World Land Trust has been saving species and habitats since 1989, working with local conservation partners and supported by willing donors.

Visit their website and you’ll see a range of projects they’ve undertaken.  In 2017 alone, thanks to donors and supporters, they supported local partners in the land purchase of acres in

  • Ecuador – 873
  • Mexico – 1,285
  • Guatemala – 2,579
  • Peru – 8,765
  • Bolivia – 380,395
  • India – 1,002
  • Malaysian Borneo – 45 acres
  • Ecuador – 447
  • Honduras – 22
  • Ecuador – they planted 123,000 trees

In Armenia, they are funding land lease and habitat management in the Causasus mountains, home to species such as the Grey Wolf, Brown Bear, Bezoar Ibex and the Caucasian Leopard.

So there’s a project to help Jaguars in the jungle.   It’s called Jungle for Jaguars.  They need £600,000 to purchase 8,154 acres in Belize, which is threatened by deforestation.  The purchase will preserve the land and connect it to neighbouring protected areas, which will give these big cats the freedom to roam and help safeguard their future.

Score a goal for jaguar conservation and donate to this appeal
©World Land Trust

The jungle is home to all five species of Belize’s wild cats – the Jaguar, Ocelot, Margay, Puma and Jaguarundi, and many bird species will be protected too such as a rare species of hummingbirds, the Keel-billed Toucan and Ornate Hawk-eagle.

In the last 10 years, 25,000 acres of wildlife habitat has been lost for agriculture and development in Northern Belize.  The areas around the corridor the World Land Trust want to protect are under increasing threat. 

Make your donation between 3rd and 17th October 2018 and your donation will be doubled so this really is a chance to make a critical difference.  The two weeks are known as the Big Match Fortnight.

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