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The People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) says that the biggest challenge for wild animals today is finding safe places to live.

  • Cities are expanding
  • Farming is intensifying
  • Green spaces are rapidly disappearing

And so animals have fewer places to live. 

However, gardens have an important top play in providing havens for wildlife – in giving them food and shelter. 

The more wildlife friendly we can make our gardens, the better a chance wildlife will have.

There’s plenty we can all do to help, such as making a feeding station for hedgehogs – we’ve put a hedgehog hotel in our garden.  You can build a small pond for amphibians, or create a log pile for insects.  Pretty much all the flowers in our garden are wildlife friendly and it gives us huge pleasure to watch the wildlife enjoying them. 

Make your garden wildlife friendly

It’s easy to do.  

And the good news is that PTES have put a kit together to help you make your garden more wildlife friendly!

All you need to do is to donate £5 and you can receive your special Wildlife Friendly Garden Kit, with everything you need to turn your garden into a wildlife haven.

Kits include:

  • garden wildlife guide on the importance of your garden to wildlife and the species you’re likely to see.
  • garden wildlife planner of monthly wildlife friendly activities all year round.
  • garden wildlife poster with 12 top tips to make your garden more wildlife-friendly.
  • PTES supporter booklet introducing PTES and their vital conservation work.

Donate to the PTES Garden Wildlife Appeal and receive this kit

Donate now to the PTES Garden Wildlife Appeal


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