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Help stop the deforestation of the Brazilian Rainforest - sign this petition

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You may have seen in the news that Brazil has  new President.  And he's hell bent on destroying the rainforest in Brazil.

Sign this petition here with Care2.com 
Destroying the Amazon Rainforest Is a Disaster for Earth and the Economy

The newly elected president of Brazil is called Jair Bolsonaro.  He ran a campaign based on climate change denial.

And he's promised to jump-start Brazil's economy by deforesting the Amazon Rainforest for lumber and also to open up new land for raising livestock and for agriculture.

Unfortunately for him, an in-depth economic study finds that Brazil will move a whopping $8.2 billion annually if the Amazon is destroyed. 

It will adversely affect rainfall, damage farming and make long-term logging unprofitable and costly.  And it would be moving vital carbon sinks from the planet.

So Care2.com have this petition you can sign to call on the government of Brazil to make the right choice for both the country's economy and environment and reconsider his move to aggressively deforest the Amazon.

Sign the petition here.


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  1. Alison Williams

    Please protect what is left of the rainforest and all the beautiful animals which is their home.

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  2. Sally Longson

    Thanks, Melissa, and thank you for visiting our website

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  3. Melissa Hannington

    Make the right choice!

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