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Lacoste produces limited-edition polo shirts for Save our Species campaign

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Lacoste produced a line-up of polo shirts with the images of 10 endangered species, replacing its iconic crocodile logo.

The 1,175 shirts have sold out, but the good thing is that the campaign brought attention to the Save our Species campaign.   The number of shirts corresponded to the remaining population sizes of each endangered animal in the wild, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.   

The 10 species represented and numbers of shirts produced were:

  • Vaquita (Gulf of California porposie) - 30
  • Burmese roofed turtle - 40
  • Northern sportive lemur - 50
  • Javan rhino - 67
  • Cao-vit gibbon (ape) - 150
  • Kakapo (parrot) - 157
  • California condor - 231
  • Saola (herbivore) - 250
  • Sumatran tiger - 350
  • Anegada ground iguana - 450


The shirts were launched during Paris Fashion Week, and the proceeds went to the IUCN.

The good news is that you can still donate to the Save our Species campaign here.



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