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Wildlife and our last remaining wild places are being destroyed because of human action or inaction and because of our own short –term greed.

Peter Fearnhead, CEO, African Parks Network, South Africa

Wild Koala Day is on 3rd May 2020 - please add your voice to help koalas

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It's the 3rd May and that means one thing - it's Wild Koala Day :-)

Please visit Koala Corner to see how you can help these adorable animals and meantime, here's a delightful clip from You Tube to enjoy:


Here is the petition mentioned in the clip - if koalas don't have trees, there won't be any koalas, so please sign it and spread the word!  Thank you!#

And here are others.  Please, please add your voice. 

Speak for me
This koala can't speak up - but you and I certainly can. 
Please sign these petitions. 

Stop Shenhua Mining Koala Habitat on Gomeroi ancestral lands 

Save Koala habitat areas

Koalas belong to the world, not just Australia

Stop the Wallarah 2 Mine from impacting vital Koala habitat

Protect our koalas

Thank you :-) 

Visit Koala Corner with this website to find more ways you can  help koalas, including 11 Ways to help koalas.


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