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Wild Koala Day is on 3rd May 2020 - please add your voice to help koalas

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It's the 3rd May and that means one thing - it's Wild Koala Day :-)

Please visit Koala Corner to see how you can help these adorable animals and meantime, here's a delightful clip from You Tube to enjoy:


Here is the petition mentioned in the clip - if koalas don't have trees, there won't be any koalas, so please sign it and spread the word!  Thank you!#

And here are others.  Please, please add your voice. 

Speak for me
This koala can't speak up - but you and I certainly can. 
Please sign these petitions. 

Stop Shenhua Mining Koala Habitat on Gomeroi ancestral lands 

Save Koala habitat areas

Koalas belong to the world, not just Australia

Stop the Wallarah 2 Mine from impacting vital Koala habitat

Protect our koalas

Thank you :-) 

Visit Koala Corner with this website to find more ways you can  help koalas, including 11 Ways to help koalas.


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