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Digital Cleanup Day is on 19 March 2022!

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The 19th March is Digital Cleanup Day!

There is an enormous amount of trash in the digital world, with unnecessary apps, files, videos, photo duplicates – and that all creates digital pollution.  It consumes energy, sitting in the backups on servers which provide us with cloud service and consume electricity.

Enter Digital Cleanup Day on 19 March 2022, giving us all the chance to take a look at our IT systems – all of them – and see what we can do to press the delete button and detox them.

Clicking, scrolling, streaming, watching, listening, viewing, storing, organising…it all adds up.

Each year the internet and its supporting systems produce 900 million tons of CO2 

There are lots of advantages to doing a digital detox…

  • It extends the life of your gadgets
  • You have more control as you put new digital habits into place
  • You can cut back and save on CO2
  • You’re firmly in control – things will be easier to find on your system, for a start as there’s less to look through

Digital Cleanup Day is asking us all to cut down our CO2 share – all we need to do is to register and do a digital detox!

The website has lots of ways to help and reasons to do a digital detox.  And there’s information to help you know on how much you have deleted.

As an individual, you can:

  • Clean up your smart phone – we all have applications we haven’t used for a while.  I started to go through my computer and smart phone today and was stunned to see how much is actually on it that I don’t use and even more stunned to see how much was there that I didn’t even know about and had no future need for.
  • Get rid of duplicate photos – it’s amazing how they gather
  • Do the same for your computer, laptop, ipad or tablet
  • Detox your emails – it is amazing how they build up.  Do you really need to subscribe to the emails you get?  Do you really need to keep all that you do?
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on social media and on your various IT systems – find new hobbies!

Find out more about Digital Cleanup Day

You could also detox the presence of IT systems in your life.

This could also be a great chance to take a look at how much you use IT in your life and to consider whether it is taking over your life or whether you have full control of the way you use it.  Do you grab your phone first thing in the morning to check it for messages?  Do you wake in the night to see if you’ve missed anything?  Take control of your phone. 

DIGITAL CLEANUP DAY – Digital Cleanup Day


Cut down your CO2 share, join the Digital Cleanup Day in

 19th March 2022!

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