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More bears needing help - Meet Tuan, rescued by Animals Asia

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Tuan is safe in Animals Asia's Bear Sanctuary

Tuan had been a very lonely bear.  He was caged on an intensive bear farm.  For 15 years. 

Animals Asia received an urgent call about this bear.  They went to his rescue, 18 kilometres away, within 90 minutes of receiving the call. 

What they found was horrible.

Tuan was unhealthy and obese.

He was living in filthy conditions, with little or totally unsuitable food.

He could hear the deafening sounds of pigs squealing a few feet away. 

And now he’s been rescued by charity Animals Asia.

Animals Asia hope he will live for another 15 years or more at their Vietnam sanctuary. 

That means he needs food, medicines, toys and climbing frames for at least 15 years, to give him the life he deserves.

He’s been given the name Tuan after the Vietnam Director of Animals Asia, Tuan Bendixsen.

It’s the first time he’s been safe in his life – but he doesn’t know he’s safe.  There is a long road to recovery for Tuan.   He’s deeply traumatised.  And you can help him by helping and donating towards his care.

He’s Animal Asia’s 210th rescued bear in Vietnam.  All the bears need help, time and care.  They need food, medicine and enrichment activities.

Donate to start Tuan on his road to recovery >>



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