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Introducing the Pangolin Crisis Fund

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There’s a Pangolin Crisis Fund that’s managed by the Wildlife Conservation Network.

Save Pangolins have technical oversight of it.   It’s governed by expert advisors in the field in conservation and philanthropy.

The Pangolin Crisis Fund has one goal: 

To eliminate the demand, trafficking and poaching criss that puts all 8 species of pangolins at risk of extinction.

The fund will invest in projects that are in keeping with the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group’s strategies, such as:

  • Reducing demand for pangolin scales and meat by targeted campaigns to consumers and building relationships with government policy makers
  • Envorcement – strenthing those agencies protecting pangolins and their habitats – anti-oaching units, helping customs and protected area management
  • Combating trafficking – reducing the illegal trade of pangolins at every level, with judicial reform and anti-trafficking tools.  Close alliances with law enforcement and policymakers with be needed
  • Raising the profile of pangolins to start changing behavioiur and encourage conservation support
  • Working with local communities living next to pangolin habitat so that they can see these animals as worth more alive than poached

Find out more about Save Pangolins here

Find out more about the Pangolin Crisis Fund here


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