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Planet Earth III is on its way to our screens on BBC1

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It’s on its way….Planet Earth III!

Wow, on the 22nd October 2023 at 18:15, Planet Earth III will come onto our screens, with BBC1.  What’s in store?

Well, rhino rambling down a street looking for something to eat in Nepal – to get food, he has to go through a world that’s new to him

“The rules of the game [for wildlife] have changed – to survive in the human world.” Sir David Attenborough

Both people and animals have to learn how to get along if we are to avoid mass extinctions. 

The 8 episodes cover the planet’s habitats, covering Oceans, Forests, Coasts and Deserts. 

We’ll see macaques in Bali, stealing goods from tourists – hats, sunglasses, shoes…. and even smartphones!  And the tourists can have them back in exchange for a piece of fruit – or in the case of smartphones, chocolate…

See the official trailer for BBC's Planet Earth III here.

There are sea lions off the coast of Chile, gorging on fish caught by fleets – the danger being that they may get caught in nets.

The smarter the animal, the more it can adapt.  The orcas have perfected their hunting technique, for example, as have mugger crocodiles who have a camouflage hunting technique.   They can lie in wait for hours, having dug out a waterhole and buried themselves in mud, wriggling to cover themselves in vegetation at the water’s edge.  They lie in wait for deer for hours.

Planet Earth III
Planet Earth III is available from Hive.co.uk

And watch out for the white wolf, right on the brink of extinction.  The fear is there may not be any to film the next time.

And as we have got smarter and developed new technology, so that can help with filming the most amazing footage.  Drones for instance can go anywhere and show us sights we’ve never seen before.  We can see how animals co-operate with each other.  And we see how people live with wildlife, in places such as Uganda where villagers welcome apes, one villager turning part of her garden over to grow wild as a primate haven. 

Watch out for Planet Earth III on Sunday 22 October on BBC1.  Can’t wait!


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