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A quarter of UK dinners have no meat or fish

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Research shows that over 25% of all evening meals in the UK are either vegan or vegetarian.  Kantar Worldpanel's research shows that in the 12 weeks to January's end, 29% of them had no meat or fish. 

Trends such as Veganuary - that's going vegan for January - and a continual interest in meat free diets are affecting people's habits.   Quorn Foods saw its global sales rise by 16% last year.

The research was collected from a consumer panel of 30,000 households.  It shows a year on year move to more vegetarian meals.  In 2014, 26.9 of evening meals were vegetarian and this rose to 27.8 in 2016.  

During January, 10% of shoppers bought a meat-free ready meal - so sales had risen by 15% compared with the previous year.

Vegetables such as spinach and aubergine were up 43% and 23% respectively, compared to the last 12 months.

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