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Freedom for Lam the Nowhere Bear with Animals Asia

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Wow, those amazing folks at Animals Asia do move fast when there is a bear in trouble.

In the late hours of Sunday evening, their Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre got an urgent call from their friends at the Forest Protection Department.

They had removed a bear in a distressed state from a bile farm in Phung Thuong – it’s a bear bile farming hot spot in Vietnam.  

The bear needed a safe haven FAST.

And he got it.   With just 12 hours notice, Animals Asia were able to drop everything and welcome this bear home.

They have called him Lam.  It means forest in Vietnamese.

Please donate to help Animals Asia help Lam and bears like Lam 

Lam's new life

He’s now got lush green spaces to enjoy.

He can have fun bathing in pools, climbing structures, roam and forage – or just snooze in the warmth of the sun!

After his 30 day quarantine period, he’ll even be able to enjoy some fun with new friends – probably the first he’s had in his life.  He’ll have enrichment exercises to improve his health and wellbeing and keep his mind active.

In short, he’s on his way to becoming a bear and enjoying bear activities!

What a change from being stuck in a tiny cage, his freedom stolen.   Just look at the care Lam has had since arriving at the rescue centre. 

Please help Nowhere Bears like Lam

Animals Asia call bears like Lam a “nowhere bear” because he’s suffering in the shadows, unseen.  There are more nowhere bears out there, waiting for rescue.

You can help Animals Asia rescue and care for bears like Lam by making a donation.  Every single bit counts.

These bears need to know we all care for them and love them.

Sending bear hugs to you all!

Please donate here.

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