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Iceland supermarket aims to be plastic free across own label range

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In the middle of all the news about plastic, Iceland has announced that it is working to be plastic free across its own label range by 2023.

It's going to use technology to create a range of packaging of paper and pulp trays, along with paper bags, which are recyclable via domestic waste collection or in-store recycling facilities.

Iceland has removed plastic disposable straws from its own label range already - and its new food ranges will have paper-based as opposed to plastic food trays.

I think this is an important move.  The Plastics Market Situation Report in the spring of 2016 said that one million tonnes of plastic are generated by supermarkets in the UK every year.

And it looks like Iceland will have a lot of consumer support.   In a survey of 5,000 consumers by OnePoll back in December 2017, there was a clear interest from the public in reducing plastic.

  • 80% of those surveyed said they would  endorse a supermarket's move to go plastic free
  • 91% said they would be more likely to encourage friends and family to shop there 
  • Nearly 68% think other supermarkets should follow Iceland's lead.

Plastic entering the world's oceans not only puts the world's marine life at risk;  it also enters the food chain through the sea food we eat.   

We need to stop the rot and reduce our use of plastic before it's too late.   Iceland are making a good start - so what will other supermarkets do to follow suit?


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