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Help the big cats at ADI's Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa

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If you’re a tiger or lion lover, take a look at AD International.

One of the things AD International does is to rescue animals from circuses. 

But years of confinement, deprivation and physical abuse has left a mark on the animals they rescue, sometimes for months, or years.

These animals need looking after, of course.  They need food, and veterinary care, often surgery, medicines and vitamin/mineral supplements to give them the quality of life they now deserve.

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa is now home to 42 ex-circus lions and tigers from Guatemala, Peru and Columbia, and one lion from a zoo.  They have more space and freedom than ever before.  Staff at the sanctuary are committed to giving these wonderful big cats the care they need to enjoy the rest of their lives.

An example of rescuing the animals was in Guatemala

The use of animals in circuses was banned there in April 2017 and the government invited ADI to help enforce the law 12 months later, because some circuses were defying the new law.

ADI launched Operation Liberty in May 2018 and established a Temporary Rescue Centre to look after the rescued animals until they could go to their new homes.

15 tigers and 6 lions were rescued;  tigers Max, Simba and Kimba went to their forever home at Big Cat Rescue in November 2019. 

17 lions and tigers went to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, arriving in January.


They need long term care – and you can help! 

One way is simply to donate.  Another is to Adopt a Big Cat.

All donations to go the care of the animals.

Please support the long-term care for the animals at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary home

And you can help stop circus suffering here. 




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  1. Desiree Featherstone

    I live in SA and would like to support the new sanctuary for the lions removed from emoya. However, I can't find the location of the sanctuary to visit it?

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