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Nelson the bear needs our help!

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Meet Nelson.  He lives in this cage in Armenia. 

International Animal Rescue needs our help to rescue Nelson the bearImage © International Animal Rescue

Please donate to help rescue Nelson the elderly bear.

International Animal Rescue needs our help to rescue Nelson the bear.  He's been in this cage, captive for 30 years.  He's gone blind. 

His owner apparently loves him.   But Nelson deserves better than life in this cage.

This poor bear has spent years going round in circles, desperate to relieve his boredom, walking on a floor of compacted filth.

International Animal Rescue (IAR) says that the Armenian government must get involved and order the owner to give the bear up.  The charity is putting as much pressure as possible on the government to make this owner surrender the bear.   It will then act to rescue Nelson and care for him. 

Nelson needs treatment and care to relieve his pain.  Veterinary attention will establish if he could ever see again.  Once he is under anaesthetic, the vets will be able to give him an initial health assessment to see what sort of condition he in.  Then Nelson will head to the rescue centre in the mountains for quarantine and tests - the latter will give a clear idea of his health. 

Please donate and help International Animal Rescue rescue and care for Nelson.  He deserves the best.

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