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Giving Day for Apes – Give them Twenty THOUSAND trees

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Back in 2015, five million acres of Indonesian rainforest were destroyed by fire.

The impact was devastating on all wildlife there.   And amongst those, many many orangutans were left starving and dying.

In 2016,  … started a 10,000 Trees campaign and as a result, it was able to start a reforestation project.  And it was able to protect the area during recent forest fires.

Pematang Gadung is situated closest to the orangutan rescue centre in Ketapang in West Borneo.   The area is home to wild orangutans. 

And now in 2019, there’s a chance to plant a further 20,000 trees.

International Animal Rescue needs to raise $20,000 on this Giving Day for Apes.

The day is organized by the Arcus Foundation in partnership with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. 

It’s a 24 hour event, and it encourages charitable donations through an online giving platform, hosted by Mightycause. 

Qualified sanctuaries and rescue centres can compete to raise the most money for their cause, and to win prizes kindly given by sponsors.

So the question is, will you give your support and sign the pledge to donate to the 20,000 trees on 25 September?

The reason you’re asked to pledge is that it gives the charity an idea of whether they are likely to raise the required amount.

By the way, you can donate today on the charity’s Giving Day for Apes Mighty Cause page.  But donate on the 25th September, and you’ll increase charities’ changes of winning extra awards and grants.

Sign the pledge, and they will send you an e-mail reminder to donate on the 25th September.

Sign the pledge


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