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Save the planet - dry your clothes outside and help Brabantia plant a tree with WeForest!

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There’s nothing like getting into bed with really clean, fresh smelling sheets.  I just love it!

You can always tell the difference between those sheets which have been dried off in a tumble dryer (boo, that won’t help the environment or your energy bills) and those that have dried off outside in the fresh air.

I’m so keen to save on my energy bill and to get into bed with the bed linen smelling of fresh air that I actually check the weather forecast to look for the best days to do the bed clothes wash on.  Then I know I can put stuff out on the line, knowing they will dry naturally.

My favourite reasons to dry my clothes on a line

  1. It saves me money – I can control my electricity bill more closely
  2. It doesn’t matter how much electricity prices go up – the wind and dry weather is free!
  3. My clothes and linen smell fantastically fresh
  4. Actually, the fresh air I get when I put everything on the line is a welcome break from being indoors
  5. I get exercise putting the clothes on the line – bending and stretching
  6. I can hook the clothes off the line to iron as and when they are ready and I find them easier and faster to iron
  7. It helps the planet.  I’m not devouring the earth’s resources for something which isn’t necessary to use.

I’ve made a conscious choice to make a difference and stopped draining the earth of resources unnecessarily

Anyway, when we needed a new washing line, we bought a Brabantia.   I love it – it does the job beautifully and I find I can get several wash loads on the line at once.  

It’s easy to put up and to clean, and also easy to take down and put away. 

And as a great added bonus to buying a Brabantia – they’ve teamed up with WeForest.  For each laundry tree that’s sold, WeForest will plant a real tree on behalf of Brabantia!  And that makes washing and drying all the sweeter… 

For the exciting thing I discovered when I looked at WeForest's website and the information about the partnership between WeForest and Brabantia, is that Brabantia are on a mission to plant trees.  Trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and pump oxygen out for everyone to breathe.  That's a terribly simplified description and I'm sure some scientist will take issue with it but it's my way to explain why trees matter simply. 

So far, over 1.5 MILLION trees have been planted as a result of Brabantia's efforts.  This is a huge number.   There's a wonderful quote from Brabantia's CEO on WeForest's website, namely:

“He who plants a tree, plants hope for generations to come. Brabantia aims to plant more than 1,5 million trees.”

Brabantia is helping to make the Burkina Faso and Ethiopia desert a greener place as part of the international "Great Green Wall".  And the company is working to promote the environmental benefits of drying outdoors. 

Every single one of us who can dry our clothes in the fresh air instead of in a tumble dryer is reducing our drain on the earth’s resources.   Plus it gives us more £££ to spend on other things!!


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