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Help snow leopards by giving them your voice

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Snow leopards live high in the mountains of Central Asia.

There are only about 4,000 of these wonderful big cats left, due to habitat loss, retaliating killings and poaching.  On average, a snow leopard is killed a day by poachers or local communities trying to protect their livestock.  Much of the big cats' home is at risk because of development and exploitation.

Back in 2013, the leaders from all 12 countries in the snow leopard habitat pledged to secure at least 20 snow leopard landscapes of Asia by 2020.

And in August 2017, the 12 countries are all meeting for Kyrgyzstan for the International Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Forum

This high-level event aims to do two things, according to the website:

  1. To further strengthen the range countries’ ongoing effort to protect the snow leopard, and
  2. To galvanize international support for their ambitious plan of securing 20 snow leopard landscapes by the year 2020.

They need to act to save snow leopards before it is too late.  It's vital to secure snow leopard landscapes with the support of local communities, to tackle illegal trade and make sure we build a future in which snow leopards can survive.

There is a petition, on's Petitions website, urging the snow leopard country leaders to pledge concrete action when they meet in August.  

Sign the petition to pledge these leaders to take concrete action to save snow leopards at their August meeting. 

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