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Come swiftly to the swifts' rescue

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Swifts need our help.  

Their numbers are plummeting in the UK – according to the RSPB, there’s been a 53% decline between 1995 and 2016.

The problem is that when buildings are refurbished or demolished, the nooks and crannies so vital for swifts are lost.  This means that swifts have nowhere to nest.  They need gaps high up on our homes and in other buildings.

So the RSPB has a goal.  Swifts winter in Africa and make their way to the UK for the summer. To help swifts, it wants to get 1,000 swift nestboxes up before the swifts arrive at the end of April. 

Swifts arrive in the UK for the summer

How you can help swifts

You can make a swift nestbox or if you’re short of time or practical abilities, you can buy a swift nestbox from the RSPB’s shop

Put up a Swift nest box from the RSPB
Put up a Swift nest box from the RSPB
Buy 2 nestboxes by 9 July 2019 and you can save £2 
(applies to selected nest boxes. watch for the offer)

If you’re involved in a new build or renovation project, you can install a swift brick. For advice on bricks, email the RSPB’s conservation team at [email protected] and include 'swift bricks' in the subject line.   Every swift brick counts.

Find out more about swifts here.


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