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Reducing our rubbish

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Stop producing the rubbish in the first place

We need to stop putting rubbish into the ocean – it will end up somewhere, even if it is on the other side of the world.   What goes around, comes around.  

If 1 of us stopped using one plastic bottle a week - that would mean 52 less plastic bottles a month.  If two people stopped, that would be 104.  If 10 people stopped, that would be 520 less in the environment. 

What was found in the MCS Beach Clean Up Weekend

The top 10 Items found on beaches in the 2016 clean up

  1. Plastic/polysterene pieces
  2. Cigarette stubs
  3. Packets (crisps, sweets, lollies, sandwiches)
  4. Caps and lids
  5. String and cord
  6. Cotton bud sticks
  7. Glass
  8. Wet wipes
  9. Fishing line
  10. Plastic drinks/bottles

Popular items found on Henderson Island in the Pitcairns were toy soldiers, dominos, toothbrushes and hundreds of hardhats, cigarette lighters

And on the Versova beach in India, the volunteers discovered blue plastic bags, faded milk packets, torn teddy bears, soaking diapers, wrappers, empty toothpaste tubes, all of which were washed ashore.   

Taking a look at the litter found in beach clean ups – what do you use, and is there a substitute?   I'm going to take a look at  and   for a start. 


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