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Stop this oil refinery from operating on St Croix in the US Virgin Islands

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Care2.com have a petition about an enormous oil refinery on St Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

It has laid dormant for nearly years – it was forced to shut down after committing dangerous environmental breaches.

Donald Trump re-opened it in his last weeks of office -     his full plan went into effect on 4 February 2021. 

Three days later, Care2.com say the sky rained oil.

A vapour cloud released by the refinery went up into the air, glided to the community of Clifton Hill which is nearby, filled homes, gardens and toys – and then it burst, a mixture of petroleum and water covering cars, toys, and more with oil.

This was over two months ago.

Residents say the oil is still stuck to food sources such as avocado and fruit.  It cannot be washed out.

An oil refinery rained petroleum on wildlife, people, and homes. Shut down this foul plant, now!


The island is surrounded by marine life – coral reefs, sharks and whales.   If the oil keeps going into the soil and water around the island, it could poison people and animals for years to come.

There is a huge human rights issue as well.

Care2.com say that most of the residents are black, descendants of Africans who were enslaved and brought to work on sugar and cotton plantations.

The Biden administration has already started an investigation and revoked a number of permits.

But the plant is still open.

Please tell the Biden administration to shut this toxic oil refinery down.   Force its operators to clean up their pollution.

Please sign here


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