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Donkey therapy works ... in Sri Lanka, Romania, the UK....

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There's some amazing work being done by animals all over the world to help people.

A fantastic example is that of donkeys.   The Donkey Sanctuary donkeys are at work in the UK, Sri Lanka and in Italy helping children through donkey therapy.

In the Donkey Sanctuary's newsletter this Spring 2017, we heard about the charity's most recent project.

At the Mannar Assocication for Rehabilitation of Differnently Abled People (MARDAP) in Sri Lanka, children are benefitting from donkey interaction.

The Director of MARDAP, Sister Josephine, noted that in the beginning a child called Murika was reluctant to interact with other children.  But with the help of the donkeys, that began to improve.  And Murika has shown a great love for animals.  Her bond with the donkeys has changed her from a nervous child to a happy, confident one, with a smiling face and a child who loves coming to school.  A child with hand co-ordination issues was seen grooming a donkey.  

The children love to hug the donkeys.  They feed, groom and talk to the donkeys.  It all helps to improve their emotional and physical development.  And adults have benefitted too.

The donkeys have been helped by Bridging Lanka, a charity which works with the large feral donkey population in Sri Lanka.  

The project brings together children at MARDAP’s school with donkeys helped by Bridging Lanka, a charity which works with the large feral donkey population in Sri Lanka. 


Bluto, a rescued donkey at the Donkey Sanctuary's Italian centre, sharies many special moments with residents of a nearby care home.  They love spending time with him - and he enjoys his visits to see them.  

It's wonderful to see the great work so many of these donkeys are doing to help young and old.   Many have been rescued from terrible situations.   There are many ways you can support the Donkey Sanctuary to do their work - find out more here



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